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Welcome to New Style Corporation

New Style Corp is on the leading edge of online sales. Continually penetrating new markets and developing innovative new products. Our various brands have been strategically created to compete in the most lucrative online markets that you will find in e-commerce today.

We Are

New Style Corporation (NSC Inc) is an international trading company located in Southern California. As specialists in China sourcing and distributing for the North America market, we facilitate trading partnerships between our clients in North America and partners in China.

Our Mission

NSC works directly with major manufactures in China to provide the best quality products to the market. We have our on-site QA team to oversee the whole manufacturing process. We listen to our clients, ask their opinion on certain features of the product and constantly send them back to the manufacture to improve the products. We understand the characteristics of north america market and try our best to meet the strict requirement of the market.

Customer Support

Our Customer Service team takes pride in providing courteous and responsive support to all customers in a professional manner, ensuring that each individual has an exceptional experience.

Our Products

Speaker and Tech products.

Hearing Amplifiers

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Electric Unicycles.

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Vaccum Insulated tumbler.

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Therapy Gun

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Educational Toys

Our Brands

State of the Art Electronic Devices.

On the go Tumblers

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Electronic Transportion and offroad bikes.

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Eco Friendly and Luxurious Pillows.

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A fun way to play, learn & grow

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Relax and Pamper yourself with Therapy Gun

Our Partner

Pitbikes, ATV, Go Karts and Offroad Vehicles